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Latest Programs

  • Entrepreneurship_Management_Program

    Entrepreneurship Management Program

    The Corporate Certified Diploma and Advance Diploma programs in Entrepreneurship Management in International Business are specially designed course for aspiring, ambitious, zealous individuals who have been longing to become business owners and have potential to become future business leaders of tomorrows global business world but like most of young ambitious individuals have been lacking in direction and a mentor.
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  • Digital_Marketing_Program

    Digital Marketing

    Globalization today has affected almost all the spheres of our lives; the world today is no more defined as collection of seven continents but everyday evolving technology has turned this world into a large 'Global Village'. This evolution in technology has touched our lives in such a way that today we cannot think of a world without lot of things around us. A major credit to this change goes to 'Internet Revolution'.
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  • Digital_Marketing_Live_Indusrty_Project

    It Includes relevant industry integrated projects too along with the classroom sessions.[Read more]

  • Life In Singapore

    Life is at its best at IT hub of today's world, Singapore.[Read more]

  • Start-up_for_Entrepreneur

    CNIEM offers students a unique platform to not only share their fresh start up entrepreneurial business ideas.[Read more]


CNIEM offers end-to-end support to Study, Work and Settle in Singapore with an aim to transform ordinary to extraordinary through its zeal for excellence in education
  • Entrepreneurship Management

    This program helps such individuals in guiding them through right from making the right choices and putting in the right strategies to follow and eventually become a successful entrepreneur. The program focuses upon the soul of a startup business idea and elaborates it to the ace level in such a comprehensive manner leaving no choice but to turn it into a successful business enterprise. [more]

  • Projects-Entrepreneur
    Our Entrepreneurship Management Program does not only have theoretical sessions but also has been integrated with live industry projects, thus giving you an opportunity to learn, experiment, make mistakes, again learn and then improve on one unique platform. At CNIEM, we do not believe in any conventional teaching but a sharing and learning methodology, though the sessions are in a group but learning methodology has been developed with one-on-one learning technique hence a maximum knowledge is shared with every student related to his / her indusry of choice unlike any other Entrepreneurship Management program.[more]

  • Digital Marketing Modules
    The Content Development Team at CNIEM has very carefully designed the Digital Marketing Management content. The content in this vertical is updated and considering the pace at what Internet / digital media is evolving, the team ensures that regular and latest updates of the industry are included in the concerned topics without compromising on quality.[more]

  • Projects-Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing, undoubtly, is one of the latest in-demand profession in today's Internet-Dependent World. The team at Creative Neurons has not only developed the in-sync content and modules of Digital Marketing but also has integrated few projects that will have the incumbants to understand the subject well but take it up as a successful career, be it as an Entrepreneur or as Managers in a corporate. [Read more]

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